About L'ecole

L’ecole is as an independent institution that, since its inception in 1998, has continually diversified.  Today its undergraduate department offers University of London International Programmes via the Bachelors of Laws (LLB) and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE).  L’ecole has also been successfully running it’s signature Foundation Programme, which assists O-Level and Intermediate students to ease into the high-demanding curriculum of undergraduate studies.

A Pioneer in International Education

L’ecole has been offering LLB since the year 2000, our graduates emerge as rigorous, adaptable, practiced legal thinkers, primed for the real demands in the field of Law.  They pursue a wide range of careers in law firms large and small, public interest organizations, government and wherever there is a need for excellent lawyers.  University of London LLB, The University of London Law programme taught at L’ecole provide students with excellent resources and clarity of focus to link legal theory firmly to the world of modern law practice.  We enable our students to challenge themselves, make the most of their talent, and learn to think like a lawyer in the best sense.

Exclusive Offerings

L’ecole is the only Institution in Karachi with has been granted teaching status for the CertHE in Common Law (previously known as Diploma in Law).  Since 2007 we have been successfully offering this certificate to students who want to acquire it as a stand alone qualification or a direct entry route to the 2nd year of the University of London LLB programme.

A Dedicated Team

L’ecole faculty has proven to be enterprising, forward-looking, and committed to preparing students of diverse backgrounds to follow their career paths in this global environment. We place considerable emphasis on excellent teaching and attention to the academic, personal, and professional development of our students.  We offer a low student-faculty ratio.  The average class size is 15 and very few class sizes exceed 35 students these students are then broken down into tutorial groups.  All of our faculty members are highly qualified as well as much experienced in their areas of expertise.  With such a highly qualified faculty and with a completely personalized environment, the students are sure to get the best education possible.

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