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As the Annual Mooting Competition is around the corner, L’ecole organized a three day workshop. The idea was to make students familiar with the rules and regulations of mooting.

The mooting workshops were conducted by Mr. Hassaan Bin Shaheen. Mr. Shaheen was the Vice-President of Talent Management at AIESEC in Karachi 2010, where he was awarded the Leader of the Year Award in 2010 for his contributions. He is also the Co-Founder of The Debating Circuit in 2011, an organization that promotes debating to students who have never had access to debating. He also won the Public Speaking Championship at the World’s Universities’ Debating Championship in Malaysia in 2015. After completing his LLB and LPC he now works as a legal consultant for GlobalServe.

Mr. Hassaan Bin Shaheen provided the essential guidelines on Moot Court Etiquettes that included selecting authorities, addressing the court, clarity while communicating information, to take time and emphasis on words and expressions during our speech, how to deal with judicial interventions, how to research and cite law reports or material that can give weightage to our speech and finally to remain passive and positive during the moot to maintain the decorum of the court. Mr. Hassaan Bin Shaheen gave all of us individual attention by addressing our queries and discussing every case in detail.

We really appreciate that L’ecole took the initiative for arranging these workshops with Mr. Hassaan Bin Shaheen. It has given the students more insight and made us confident about the upcoming mooting competition.

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