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The Law Clinic is a partnership between students, academics and lawyers in practice locally. It mainly has two objectives: to provide a public service for local people who need legal advice and representation for those who cannot afford to pay for it.  It will also enhance the education of the students in L’ecole through direct experience of legal practice.

The Law Clinic of L’ecole will give the law students an opportunity of a working professional environment while being a student. In the Law Clinic, students will conduct cases on behalf of clients – under the close supervision of qualified lawyers, where they can deepen and broaden their knowledge of law through the experience of working on current cases and by a structured reflection on that legal practice. The law students would be given certified legal trainings to enhance their legal approach and acumen through this method whereby students can develop specific legal skills in simultaneous manner. Notwithstanding, casework requires them to undertake such tasks as interviewing, legal research, corresponding, drafting statements for cases, negotiating and appearing as an advocate before various competent court of laws and legal forums.

We are proud to lay down the foundation of the first Law Clinic at L’ecole and appreciate the initiative taken by Mr. Aitzaz Kashmiri (President of the Law Society).  We hope that this initiative will be beneficial to all our students.

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