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We congratulate Syeda Khushbakht Shah for receiving the certificate of achievement in recognition of her recent results in Criminal Law on the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law Degree in Pakistan.

Each year the Undergraduate Laws Programme awards Certificates of Academic Achievement to students who gain the highest results. Certificates are awarded to students satisfying the criteria in each of the ULP’s largest markets – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Tobago and the UK. With a total of 18,000 students studying the programme worldwide, this certificate is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Therefore, we conducted an interview with Syeda Khushbakht Shah Jillani to motivate students who are willing to excel in the field law.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I did not really have a clear goal in mind but what I can remember is that I wanted to pursue almost all the professions I had possibly come across at the time when I was a child. I wanted to be an engineer, a lawyer, an astronaut etc.

What made you want to become a part of the Legal System?

I never knew I would choose law. Previously I was doing my BBA and halfway through, I realized I was wasting my aptitude in a field which is not made for me. So after one year I left it and chose to do law. Now I’m very passionate about it, and content that I’m pursuing a career in this field. I would also like to add that my curiosity about how the world functions and the art of arguing aptly played an important role in deciding my profession.

Who encouraged you to become a lawyer?

My family wanted me to do something that defined me and my potential. So they did not specifically encourage me to pursue any one profession but they did assist me to find my passion, which is law.

What was your first reaction when you received the highest marks in Criminal Law?

I was overwhelmed by the news as it was a complete surprise. I had always underestimated my skill set so achieving such a mark was definitely beyond my expectations. I have attained the highest marks in Criminal Law in Pakistan and my first reaction was “What!!”, “This definitely cannot be you Khushbakht!” and I burst into tears. It took me sometime to decipher whether this was real or not but then I received a certificate from University of London that corroborated the news.

How did your family react to the news? 

My parents, my siblings, cousins and friends were really happy and proud. They were confident that I would achieve anything that I set myself for. My parents made sure that the achievement does not distract me from my goal. They reinforced the fact that I needed to continue working harder and there is still a long way to go.

What steps did you take to ensure that you excel in your exam?

I did not have a strict routine. I set goals for myself and I made sure I would achieve them by the end of the day. It’s more to do with how much you practice. You have to practice a lot of questions from the past papers so that you are confident to write refined paper. One thing everyone needs to be mindful of is that it’s not how much you have studied or how much material you have covered or memorized, instead it’s all about how much could you pen down at the time of the exam in those 3 hrs. All that you know will not matter if you are unable to attempt all the 4 questions in the given time. So I would advise students to practice time management as it is the key to success.

Besides Criminal Law is there any other form of law that you would like to study?

I used to like Common Law very much because it was interesting to study the history of common law, how it came about and how it developed. It helped expand my arena of rational and cognitive thinking, and taught me to view things from a holistic perspective.

What are your plans for the future?

I won’t say plans but I do have a lot of goals in mind that I have to achieve. I would probably go for my Bar or LLM. But right now, I’m only looking forward to completing my degree.

Who is Syeda Khushbakht Shah? What would you like people to know about you as a person?

I am a person with multitude of shades. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to unravel all my colors. I am a keen observer and an obsessive thinker. You will always find me pondering over almost all the things life has to offer. I believe in all the positivity and goodness but having said that I do not choose to live in denial of the contrasting views of things. I am always endeavoring to understand life. I believe in leading a life of purpose, that our existence is measured and that everyone has been assigned a purpose. I like to read, I think reading is what shapes our thinking and personality so it’s really important to feed our mind and soul with the right kind of literature. I read newspapers to be informed of the surroundings, books related to spirituality, mysticism, religious history, philosophy and other fictional genres and articles on various topics, specially psychology and human connections.

What are the core values that you live by?

Well there are some core values, beliefs and firm principles I strictly adhere to. I believe, you have to pursue everything with good intentions and all malice has to be kept aside. The art of self -restraint and discipline is really essential if you have to achieve goals. I believe, if you learn to control your actions, there is no one else who could control you. Moreover, one has to have a sense of direction, insight and there’s always a right or wrong, good or bad, but it is our choices which contribute to make us who we are.

There’s one beautiful quote by Hellen Keller I firmly believe in which I would state here “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

What would your message be to students who would like to pursue law as a career?

I would only say that law is a brilliant field in the sense that it helps you understand how the world is functioning. It enhances your cognitive abilities, it teaches you to justify situations by virtue of rationale and reasoning.  It will nurture your skills and you will then have a clearer view of the world around you.

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