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L’ecole for Advanced Studies conducted its orientation session at the start of this academic year for the CertHe (Diploma) and LLB first year students.  The newcomers were called to register for biometric identification in the common room where they were served with refreshments and given their ID cards and the calendar. The Director of Studies Ms. Zara Shaheen-Awan commenced the orientation in the auditorium. She welcomed all the new students to L’ecole and gave an introduction of the rules and regulations that need to be followed at L’ecole. Furthermore students were informed about the modules they would be studying. The Assistant Registrar Ms. Asma Khan gave students in-depth information about their courses while the undergraduate coordinator Ms. Seerat Adil told the students about L’ecole and what they should expect while studying here.  It seemed to be a good experience for the new students as they got familiar with the environment of L’ecole and  understood how they should perpare themselves before they embark on this amazing journey.

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