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On Friday, the 18th of November L’ecole for Advanced Studies hosted a Welcome Dinner. The aim of the event was to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the undergraduate newcomers and promoting interaction between the new and existing students. The welcome dinner scripts the beginning of hard work and fun the new students would be paging through for the coming years in the university. The Welcome Dinner was well attended by faculty, administrators and students. The event kicked off at 8pm followed by the welcome address by Barrister Zara Shaheen Awan the Director of the Undergraduate Programmes. The L’ecole Law Society 2016-2017 was also introduced. The dress code for the welcome dinner was semi-formal. It was a fun filled evening at which the newcomers got an opportunity to interact and mingle with the senior students. Dinner was served at 10 pm and the event finally ended at 11:45pm. In conclusion, it was an evening full of laughter, music and fun.

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